The office

The office


OLMEDO Y TORRES ABOGADOS, is a multidisciplinary office, conceived to provide professional legal services in Spain for the non-resident market; and we have also brought this service forward to cover all the areas of law.

More than a decade of experience and specialisation has taught us that adapting services to the demands of the market is vital, which is why as well as in Spanish, our office engages effectively in all of its areas of specialisation in Spanish, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese. 

We have taken on commitments with our clients to guarantee an integral and all-round legal service, where independence and drive are the mainstay of our activity.

We believe that it is vital to redesign the ideas, concepts and even the needs in order to give new responses; this is why the conventional solutions to our daily work are a useful and valid instrument, but never stand as an obstacle to new horizons.

Trust is the final cornerstone sustaining our work, the result of sound, responsible and quality provision of service.

Our analytical approach has led us to conclude that “An elite commando is more effective than an army”

Our exclusive team of professionals is devoted to offering our services in any of the areas of law; with a friendly manner and easy identification of the professional in charge of providing the service.

The lawyer-client relationship must continue to be a close one. We know how important it is for our clients to have ongoing information about the status of all of their affairs, and thus pass on the trust which is needed.

This is an “ad hoc” office, not a formula replicated from other professional systems. Our business plan consists of leaving behind the traditional obstacles we can find in the performance of legal practice. We are on the lookout for new and challenging solutions, and to do this we need a special drive that is only to be found in those people who, when in the front line, are always willing to take their work another step forward.

The linchpin sustaining our day-to-day work.

A “boutique office” where the client will always feel informed, and in a personalised way.

Despite our great experience, we continue to innovate and pursue further training to provide effective solutions.

Over a decade of work in different areas of Spain and abroad are our guarantee.

We offer evaluation with complete transparency, with the sole commitment of constructing an authentic and solid relationship with the client.

The basis of the lawyer-client relationship

Not only in our work, but also in communication, which is always fluid, so as to be able to provide an effective service.

We are an international team, well accustomed to adapting ourselves to the needs and outlooks of the client, valuing the customs and working methodology from their country of origin.